Biography / Artist Statement

Born in 1975, Bruno Larue grew up surrounded by nature just outside of Quebec City in Lévis. His childhood was fragrant and filled with sunshine. This extraordinary and unfiltered environment left its mark on the child he was and guides the artist he has become today.

At 30, Bruno returned from a six-month trip to Southeast Asia and decided to dedicate himself to photography: he moved to Montreal and essentially taught himself the art. Over the years, he has worked on a wide range of contracts including event, architecture, food, and commercial photography. This variety has helped him develop his personal style and vision.

As his craft developed, so did his interest in the visual arts—not only with regard to photography but also with painting, when he discovered how works by the great masters profoundly affected him. In the winter of 2012 Bruno found himself at the MoMA in New York City, where he was swept away by the power contained in Jackson Pollock’s monumental canvases. This experience increased his desire to produce more personal photographs, ones that would reflect the depth of his own identity and allow him to explore who he is.

He began working on a series of images of nature and turned his attention to playing with texture, light, colour, and shape in search of familiar feelings. He creates images the instant a particular moment triggers any connection with a past sensation, suffusing his work with great warmth.


15-30 December 2018  – Collective. « Papier Cadeau ». ROD Gallery of Saint-Sauveur (QC, Canada). By invitation.

December 2018             – Collective. Espace Rhizomes Gallery of Val-Morin (QC, Canada).

September 2018            – DUO with the painter artist Liliflore at café-bistro « Le Mouton Noir » at Val-David (QC, Canada)